SCALINQ Partners Up With Atlantic Quantum To Help Realize Large-Scale Quantum Computing Through Cutting-Edge Hardware Components

SCALINQ and Atlantic Quantum are pleased to announce a partnership to accelerate qubit control, characterization, and measurements with state-of-the-art cryogenic hardware. Both companies are tackling some of the world’s hardest engineering challenges on their road to building scalable quantum computers. By joining forces, they can share knowledge to develop solutions at an even faster rate. 

“The team at SCALINQ helps us find solutions to our problems in real time. Their ability to adapt their products to our needs eliminates huge engineering bottlenecks.” – Bharath Kannan, CEO, Atlantic Quantum

Quote from Bharath Kannan, CEO at Atlantic Quantum

Atlantic Quantum has a clear goal of developing a fault-tolerant, large-scale quantum computer. They focus on advancing superconducting qubits and deploying their unique hardware architecture. There are many engineering challenges in the journey toward meaningful quantum computers, and this partnership is helping to overcome several of those. With SCALINQ’s core expertise in cryogenic microwave devices, they are supplying Atlantic Quantum with the cryogenic hardware needed for their experiments. 

“LINQER offers a unique combination of flexibility and scalability. It is able to support a high density of control lines with PCBs that can be rapidly redesigned and customized to fit our needs.” – Bharath Kannan, CEO, Atlantic Quantum

SCALINQs packaging solution LINQER is an enabler and core piece of equipment in the Atlantic Quantum Lab. It can host multiple devices at the same time and provides 52 microwave signals to the chips. The scalable design allows them to reach up to 300 lines when needed. The unique and patented solution allows them to reliably measure devices repeatedly and efficiently. SCALINQ has not only provided LINQER but a range of cryogenic hardware solutions.

Picture of LINQER36 and LINQER80 displayed at the SQA Conference in Munich

“This partnership is a clear statement of SCALINQ’s mission to help accelerate the development and realization of quantum computing. It is a testimony of our dedication and ability to deliver state-of-the-art hardware for the current and future needs of the industry.” – Zaid Saeed, CEO, SCALINQ

A core aspect of this partnership is collaborative R&D and combined technological development. The two teams have found great and highly complementary synergies in their developments, and the partnership therefore aims to assure the continuous compatibility between the companies’ technological developments. Together, SCALINQ and Atlantic Quantum can provide feedback to help improve R&D and build a stronger foothold in quantum development between Europe and the US. 

“By partnering up with Atlantic Quantum and presenting our successful work together, we hope to convey to the global community the advantages of opening up the workshop doors and inviting external help to overcome the many engineering challenges ahead of us. Collaboration is key and this is just the start” – Zaid Saeed, CEO, SCALINQ

Picture of the Atlantic Quantum Lab


SCALINQ is a leading expert in microwave engineering and low-temperature physics, with many years of experience in the field. Based in Gothenburg, Sweden, they develop high-performing cryogenic hardware solutions for spin- and superconducting devices. Their solutions have been used by researchers around the world to perform critical quantum experiments, such as measuring quantum coherence. 

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About Atlantic Quantum

Atlantic Quantum believes that fault-tolerant quantum hardware is the key to making progress in quantum computing. We take on this uniquely tough challenge with a team of deep experts in the field, anchored in Cambridge and Gothenburg to reflect our MIT and Chalmers roots. Our combined U.S. and EU presence helps attract talent, investments, and partnerships to accelerate the development and commercialization of scalable quantum computing. We offer flexible work in a fast-moving start-up environment with strong ties to world-class academic research. 

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