Good Solutions Can’t Be Developed Behind Closed Doors

Quantum computer and researcher

Like many other research institutes and companies within the industry, Chalmers University is innovating to overcome the hurdles in scaling the number of qubits and are developing many novel solutions along the way. We have identified a clear lack of viable products for the broader market and SCALINQ is therefore here to commercialize solutions that would help accelerate the development of large Quantum Processors.


Our goal is to help the industry with developing the core solutions needed to realize quantum computers in the near future.


Through the development of our solutions, we encourage a collaborative approach. The industry is in need of solutions that are shared globally.

Founding Team

Our interdisciplinary team defines the core of SCALINQ. We have leading researchers with competencies ranging from quantum engineering, microwave engineering, and hardware design, combined with business developers who have backgrounds in engineering. Our research-based solutions are derived from years of research and development at Chalmers University of Technology. 

Zaid Saeed


M.Sc. Business Design & Entrepreneurship
B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering

Lisa Rooth


M.Sc. Business Design & Entrepreneurship
B.Sc. Industrial Design Engineering

Robert Rehammar


Ph.D. Microwave Physics
M.Sc. Electrical Engineering

Sandoko Kosen

Quantum Scientist

Ph.D. Condensed Matter Physics
M.Sc. Physics

Giovanna Tancredi

Quantum Scientist

Ph.D. Low Temp Physics & Quantum Devices
M.Sc. Physics


Bart Smolders

Scientific Advisor

PhD. Electrical Engineering

Caroline Pamp

Legal Advisor

PhD. Intellectual Property


Peng Yang

Senior Mechanical Engineer

M.E. Mechanical Engineering and Structure Analysis
B.E. Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Ali Shahrokhnia

R&D/Procurement and Business Developer Intern

M.Sc. Business Administration
B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering

Santhosh Sekar

Mechanical Engineer Intern

M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering
B.E. Mechanical Engineering

Luana Moreno

Content Creator & Marketing Intern

B.Sc. Marketing
B.A. Philosophy

Ravindu Piyapema

R&D Intern

M.Sc. Photonics, Wireless and Space Engineering
B.E. Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Geo Philip Muppathiyil

R&D Intern

M.Sc. Photonics, Wireless and Space System Engineering
M.Sc. Physics

Raja Thammisetty

Mechanical Engineer Intern

M.Sc. Materials Engineer and Materials Science
B.E. Mechanical Engineering


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