Enabling Scalable Quantum Computers​

Developing high-density hardware for your current and future needs.

Novel High Density Solutions


A complete packaging solution. LINQER is a patent-granted solution designed with extreme precision and agnosticism to fit a variety of superconducting as well as spin-qubit quantum processors with high-end performance output.


A product series of compact lowpass and infrared quantum filters made to provide state-of-the-art performance through a unique combination of technical features while minimizing the effective footprint as compared to conventional soltutions.


A high-density, non-magnetic and fully-customizable 24-pin connector block for direct mounting onto available SMPM-based attenuator blocks.

Scalinq Team

Unlocking the Potential of Quantum Computing

We aim to solve the inevitable problems when scaling quantum bits in superconducting and spin-qubit-based processors through high density components. Stemming from research, we develop novel hardware solutions which simplify the advancements of quantum computers. We offer solutions to research institutes and quantum computing developers worldwide.


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