A complete packaging solution to enable large scale superconducting quantum processors

Our first product, LINQER, will enable up to 300 connectors. It is a patent-pending microwave-based sample holder designed with extreme precision to fit a variety of Quantum Processors sizes with high-end performance output.

Product sheet with more information and performance data is provided upon request.


High performance

Low cross-talk, a novel magnetic shielding technology, gate fidelity above 99.9% and drastically enhanced ease-of-handling. Handles any chip size up to 20×20 mm 2.

Validated technology

Proven functionalities through multiple validations to provide you reassurance.

Saves resources

Save time and money by utilizing LINQER as you scale up to reach long-term goals. Mating 100s of RF-connections in a matter of minutes!

Currently Available Sizes





We offer three different versions of LINQER with up to 16, 36 and 80 connectors.

Are your development goals not aligned with the pre-designed sizes? No worries. With our scalable and adjustable design, we can develop a tailor-made sample holder with  up to 300 connections


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