Compact Lowpass Infrared Quantum Filter

CliQ – Compact Lowpass Infrared Quantum Filter

Low-pass FilterDistributed low-pass filter with superior out-of-band rejection

Fully Non-magneticThe entire assembly, including the IR-absorber, is fully non-magnetic

High CompatibilityFits high-density attenuator blocks and can be used on individual lines

A unique combination of high-performance low-pass and infrared filtering. Offering the most compact form factor that is fully non-magnetic and with state-of-the-art performance.

Available as a product family with varying cut-off frequencies including 10GHz and 1GHz.

IR FilterA fully integrated utra-wideband IR-absorber with exceptional out-of-band rejection

Compact DesignA miniaturized design with a small cross-section dimension of 4.5 × 5 mm²

SMPM & SMA VersionsComing soon in an SMA form factor. Contact us to learn more.

Highly flexible setups

One-Click Plug-In To HD Connectors

Highly compatible with attenuator blocks and high-density connector interfaces in HD cryostats.

Connection To Individual Lines

Easily integrable into our complete packaging solution, LINQER. Can also be connected to separate lines either directly to the cryostat or in LINQER’s SMPm connector plate.

CliQ Variants




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