Complete Packaging Solution

LINQER – Complete Packaging Solution

State-of-the-ArtT1 > 100μs
Single qubit gate fidelity > 99.9%
Near Neighbour Crosstalk < -100dB

Quantum Processor AgnosticAble to host multiple chips in one packaging. Currently available for chips in various sizes up to 30 × 30 mm 2.

Host Multiple Chips at OnceHost Multiple Chips at Once Measure several devices in one cooldown with our configurable sample kits.

LINQER is a product line of sample holders that is highly-scalable and hosts both RF and DC lines. A patented solution designed with extreme precision to fit a variety of quantum processor sizes with high-end performance output. It currently hosts qubit devices around the globe, saving scarce resources while helping physicists accelerate their quantum development.

8-300 RF LinesHighly adaptable and can be easily tailored to any particular setup. Its proprietary design allows mating 100s of RF connections in a matter of minutes

Fully Non-MagneticCarefully designed to be fully non-magnetic and rigorously verified in our quality assurance processes

Quick Sample exchangeChange samples in a matter of minutes, regardless of the number of connectors.

Unique Advantages

Scalable to hundreds of lines

The proprietary high-density connectors have a small footprint and allows you to scale up to hundreds of lines in one cryostats.

Compatible with most cryostats

With our adjustable attachment brackets, you can easily decide a height and location to fit your mixing chamber.

Unique magnetic shielding

We offer variety of multi-layer magnetic shielding setups to suit different devices.

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