SCALINQ Redefines the Quantum Computing Landscape by Launching the Biggest Commercially Available Qubit Device Packaging Solution.

SCALINQ, a rapidly growing provider of quantum computing hardware, proudly announces the release of LINQER600: a large-scale packaging solution capable of controlling quantum devices with hundreds of qubits.

This solution is the biggest commercially available of its kind and marks a paradigm shift in the field. Systems of this scale have previously only existed behind the closed doors of major computing companies. With this launch, all universities and companies alike, can now easily get one step closer to building large-scale quantum computing systems.

Developed in collaboration with the esteemed partner IQM, the LINQER600 has undergone extensive testing to demonstrate its unrivaled functionality with Radiance, a 150-qubit chip. The results of this will be released at a later time. This successful project included both packaging and high-density filters, underscoring SCALINQ’s commitment to driving collaborative innovation and solving the hardware bottlenecks for scaling up quantum computing. This showcases the fast developments of the industry and opens up new applications for this novel technology already today.

This is one of the many exciting projects that I am particularly proud of finally sharing with the community. It truly underscores our engineers’ and researchers’ restless efforts and endless creativity to drive collaborative innovation and solve the hardware bottlenecks for scaling up quantum computing. It also showcases the industry’s rapid development and ever-growing needs for collaborative R&D.

 Zaid Saeed, CEO, SCALINQ.

The LINQER product series, first launched in 2022, has helped researchers around the globe with their experiments. The key features include:

A scalable design: Offered in several variants ranging from 8 to 600 lines
State-of-the-art performance: Proven with different qubit chips, measuring T1>100us and single qubit gate fidelity >99.9%
Quick sample exchange: The patented connector module allows you to exchange samples in a matter of minutes, regardless of the number of connectors.
Host multiple chips at once: With its modular approach, you can tailor-make PCBs to fit your needs of hosting one or several chips in one holder, and of different sizes.
Fully non-magnetic: Carefully designed and rigorously tested in quality assurance processes

SCALINQ has quickly grown into a frontrunner in the quantum computing field, pioneering advancements in cryogenic hardware. Based in Sweden, with a team of passionate engineers and researchers, SCALINQ is tackling the most urgent hardware limitations to accelerate quantum computing development. As of today, SCALINQ offers complete packaging, filtering, and wiring solutions for both the superconducting and spin-qubits platforms. Regardless of whether you are on the leading edge or just starting in the field, SCALINQ has the plug-and-research solutions you need. Find out more at

About IQM Quantum Computers: 

IQM is a global leader in building quantum computers. IQM provides on-premises quantum computers for supercomputing centres and research labs and offers full access to its hardware. For industrial customers, IQM delivers quantum advantage through a unique application-specific, co-design approach. IQM’s commercial quantum computers include Finland’s first commercial 50-qubit quantum computer with VTT, IQM-led consortium’s (Q-Exa) HPC quantum accelerator in Germany, and IQM processors will also be used in the first quantum accelerator in Spain. IQM has over 290 employees with offices in Espoo, Madrid, Munich, Paris, and Singapore. 

SCALINQ’s latest product, LINQER600, is a complete packaging solution with 600 lines.

LINQER600 combined with CliQ filter blocks, in use at IQM’s facilities

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