Researchers From SCALINQ Are Helping To Put Sweden At The Forefront Of Quantum Computing

Dagens Industri (DI), one of Sweden’s most popular business magazines, has published an article highlighting the tremendous progress of Chalmers quantum computing research, which SCALINQ stems from. With over 150 million USD in investment from Knut Alice Wallenberg foundation through the WACQT-project, Sweden is now looking to take a leading role in realizing quantum computers. Jonas Bylander, head of hardware development at WACQT believes that they “are already building hardware solutions and quantum processors that are matching the world’s best in performance”. With a background in nano-components and a five-year experience in MIT’s lab for Quantum Computing, he could confidently state that the future is within quantum computation!

WACQT is establishing a network of actors in the region of Gothenburg to participate in the development of these machines, amongst them are AstraZeneca, Ericsson, and VOLVO, world-leading companies within their respective fields. Their involvement is a clear indication of the huge potential that quantum computing has within industries such as vaccine development, financial modeling, and logistics.

Jonas Bylander believes that the future of Quantum Computing looks promising but it will probably need a couple of more years before the community reaches commercial viability. Until then, he believes that Sweden, Europe, and the world, need more research-based commercial solutions through industry actors.

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