Quantum Computing Startups: SCALINQ Is Challenging Industry Leaders

The Quantum Insider has published an article on “73 Quantum Computing Startups Challenging Industry Leaders” and SCALINQ was mentioned among them.

SCALINQ is pleased to be included in The Quantum Insider’s list of 73 quantum computing startups, which recognizes our contributions to challenging corporate leaders in the field of quantum computing. We are proud of our work being recognized with larger companies such as Atom ComputingIQM, and Nord Quantique

Currently, the number of startups in this sector is growing and this field is being recognized by society. The importance of quantum computing is huge as it has the potential to solve complex problems within finance, cryptography, drug discovery, and energy systems.

We have a team of experts dedicated to solving some of the most challenging problems in quantum computing and creating innovative solutions to unlock new insights in quantum computing. Although the company is fairly young, our dedicated team and a clear focus on hardware for cryogenic environments have already resulted in high-performing solutions available for the community. We are glad that our work is being recognized by one of the biggest media outlets in the industry, The Quantum Insider.

We are looking forward to continuing our work with the same precision and speed.

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