Dr. Peter Leek Joins SCALINQ’s Scientific Advisory Board

We are excited to announce the appointment of Dr. Peter Leek to our growing scientific advisory board. 

Peter Leek is a remarkable scientist who is at the forefront of quantum computing research. With his extensive knowledge and experience, he leads the Leek Lab at the University of Oxford, where he conducts groundbreaking research on superconducting-circuit quantum computing. Peter’s contributions to the field of quantum computing are not limited to academia. He is also the founder of Oxford Quantum Circuits, a prominent commercial developer of quantum computers. 

With Peter Leek’s outstanding technical track record combined with his entrepreneurial thinking, our road towards more high-end cryogenic solutions just got less bumpy!

Dr. Leek will be working alongside Dr. Bart Smolders to steer the technological development of our company. Their combined expertise and experience will help us build solutions for complex systems and challenging tasks that require specialized knowledge.

At SCALINQ, we are dedicated to developing reliable and efficient hardware solutions for quantum computers. Since the start, we have been at the forefront of quantum technology, committed to expanding our high-density cryogenic hardware solutions for customers in universities, industries, and companies.

Our scientific advisors provide rigorous scientific principles and cutting-edge knowledge to evaluate new solutions, which is a huge step towards gaining recognition from the scientific community. With the support of our advisors, we can advance this new kind of technology and bring new possibilities for scientific research and commercial applications.

Dr. Peter Leek, SCALINQ's Scientific Advisor

Dr. Peter Leek’s Professional Background

Dr. Peter Leek leads the Leek Lab at the University of Oxford, conducting research on superconducting-circuit quantum computing, and has research experience on a wide range of quantum devices, from circuit QED to carbon nanotubes and quantum acoustics. Peter is also the founder of Oxford Quantum Circuits, an Oxford University spin-out and a leading commercial developer of quantum computers.

What Motivated You To Choose Certain Paths In Your Career? 

“I try to work on things that I believe could genuinely have good impact in the world – quantum computing has excited me since I was a student as something that could really bring a new capability to humanity, the impact of which we are still only starting to envisage.”

Why Did You Choose To Advise SCALINQ?

“I believe in the power of developing excellent tools and technical capabilities, and that in turn enabling progress – I think that SCALINQ is really developing ‘enabling’ technology for quantum computing, which will help unlock/accelerate progress for a lot of groups around the world.”

With the technical support of our scientific advisors and researchers, we have the ability to develop reliable and efficient hardware solutions for quantum computers. They provide us with the confidence to push the boundaries and we look forward to continuing to explore the new possibilities in quantum technologies. 

To read more about Dr. Bart Smolders, another recently appointed scientific advisor to SCALINQ, click here: https://www.scalinq.com/dr-bart-smolders-joins-scalinqs-scientific-advisory-board/

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