Dr. Bart Smolders Joins SCALINQ’s Scientific Advisory Board

We are pleased to introduce our accomplished and proficient scientific advisor who is committed to guiding us in scientific research and development within our organization.

We are grateful for the unique position we have with great backing from our decorated scientific advisors who are helping us design, develop and deploy state-of-the-art solutions for the most complex engineering challenges. Our goals are clear: we develop reliable and efficient hardware solutions for quantum computers to help advance this technology to its full potential. The support of our scientific advisors brings new possibilities for research and commercial applications, as well as guidance on how to incorporate them into current products.

SCALINQ has been developing quantum technologies since 2022 and is currently expanding our portfolio of high-density cryogenic hardware solutions developed for universities, and companies. The core of our technologies is an iterative process of utilizing rigorous scientific principles and cutting-edge knowledge to validate new ideas and concepts that the scientific community can be confident in, which makes our scientific advisory board a core part of our organization. 

We are therefore delighted to have Dr. Bart Smolders as one of our new scientific advisors. His publications and personal accomplishments within product development and in the domain of RF/Microwave Engineering are highly respected and recognized. 

We are happy to introduce some highlights of his research as well as why he is excited to join SCALINQ’s journey.

Dr. Bart Smolders’ Professional Background

Bart Smolders is the Professor and Chair of the Electromagnetics (EM) group of the Department of Electrical Engineering at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). He is Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and obtained his title in 1994 from Eindhoven University of Technology. His specialties include antenna systems and microwave engineering.  He worked at TNO, THALES ASTRON, and NXP. Nowadays, he leads several research projects on integrated antenna systems for 5G/6G wireless communications. Furthermore, Smolders has also pursued an entrepreneurial endeavor spinning-out a startup company, AntenneX, focused on solutions for 5G/6 G antennas and radar sensing applications.

What motivates you to choose determined paths in your career?

“My main intrinsic motivation in my career has always been to work at the interface between science and applications. That is why I became a part-time professor while working at NXP Semiconductors.” Dr. Smolders explains. And continues with “In my current role at the University, we are helping our industrial partners to create competitive solutions for the emerging millimeter-wave RF markets, like 5G/6G and automotive radar. Next to this, I am the founder of a spin-off of our research group (AntenneX).”

Why did you become an advisor to SCALINQ? What is your motivation to work with us?

“Quantum computing is an exciting new technology with enormous potential. I strongly believe that expertise from the domain of microwave engineering and semiconductor packaging technologies can help to realize practical implementations towards product development. I am looking forward to assisting SCALINQ to build up a strong commercial position in the domain of quantum computing.”

We are excited about the opportunity to collaborate with Dr. Smolders and to continue to provide exceptional services and products to the quantum community.

Thank you for your confidence in our endeavors.

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