SCALINQ was featured in the Quantum Insider regarding the newly announced partnership with Qblox. The full […]
September 14, 2023 – Gothenburg, Sweden / Delft, the Netherlands – SCALINQ, the Swedish research-based spin-off […]
SCALINQ, a leading innovator in the field of quantum technology, has recently unveiled its latest product […]
Dr. Peter Leek, SCALINQ's Scientific Advisor
We are excited to announce the appointment of Dr. Peter Leek to our growing scientific advisory […]
SCALINQ is attending the Deep Tech Entrepreneurship Conference hosted by the Swedish Presidency of the Council […]
We are pleased to introduce our accomplished and proficient scientific advisor who is committed to guiding […]
Robert Rehammar and other co-founders of SCALINQ were selected to IVA’s Top 100 List of research […]
The Quantum Insider has published an article on “73 Quantum Computing Startups Challenging Industry Leaders” and […]
Superconducting Hardware Solutions at Techarenan in Stockholm In the modern era, quantum computing is one of […]
With both a business and technology background, people like Lisa Rooth, co-founder and COO of SCALINQ, find […]